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Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Head Office News

additional office space for ground crew

In line with the steady fleet growth over the past years we have experienced an increase in personnel, equally amongst flight and ground crew. Our ground crew is based at our head office, in Hamburg, Altona.

In the Heart of the City, our Operational Control Centre Which consists of 100 employees coordinates daily flight inquiries, sales, flight routes, first-class catering around the clock. The Flight Operations Administration Departments focus lies in coordinating the cockpit and cabin crew.
The Accounting, Procurement, IT and Corporate Communications departments provide daily business support.
Over and above the 250 flight crew members, the AIR HAMBURG Group has expanded to include over 500 employees.

In order to accommodate the growth in personnel Air Hamburg has expanded the Hamburg Head Office, based in the Leverkusen Street, which is to provide sufficient space up until 2025.

The team at AIR HAMBURG is delighted to share a new yet familiar Head Office environment offering sufficient space for offices, meeting and training rooms alike as well as lounges.

Head Office News
Head Office News